School News

Our Winter term will start on Monday, 8th January 2018 (Whittingham) and Tuesday 8th January 2018 (Unity Hall). Our half term break is the same as local schools.

Our Ballet Exam :

Has been booked for the Sunday, 25th March 2018. We are also hoping to have an extra mock exam practise in half term at Unity Hall and there will be extra week-end practise too, just before the exam day. Letters will be sent out by the third week of term.

End of last term:

Many thanks for putting up with the last minute changes, nearly everyone managed to attend their classes and we hope that you managed to join in the school’s Christmas Fete too.

Our School Uniform list

New students, in particular Pre-Primary and Primary class pupils, please buy the correct uniform as highlighted in this Uniform list. No tutus, this is good for fancy dress party but not for ballet classes. It is not suitable for health and safety reasons and good teaching practice. If you need help with hair etc. please ask Renee

Cecchetti Events

We offer all students the chance to take part in Cecchetti events at exciting venues in and around Great Britain. This year, the Cecchetti Choreographic Competition will take place on Sunday, 11th March 2018 at Venue: Cecil Sharp, 2 Regents Park Road. London, NW1 7AY. This Competition is open to all from the age of 7. The School pays the entree fee in memory of Margaret Page. Margaret was our pianist for many years and supported the school from the very beginning and always encouraged the children/students to develop their musicality/Choreographic skills. For more information please ask Renee.

Bad Weather Notice

It is very important that we have all your up to date contact details i.e. Mobile Numbers, Email Addresses etc. If Whittingham Primary Academy (Monday) is closed because of snow and ice, our classes will be cancelled and we will try to contact as many people as possible. As for Unity Hall (Tuesday), if Renee is able to get a cab; she will run the classes. However, if we should be told to ‘travel only if necessary’ all classes will be cancelled. If in doubt, please contact Renee on 07961 34 89 69.